Sponsoring Carbon Removals

How do our optional carbon removals work?

Helping achieve carbon neutral websites

The only zero carbon website is one that doesn’t exist, but that isn’t a viable option for many businesses.

The focus of Digital Carbon Online is to help organisations reduce the carbon emissions of their websites. But no matter how well optimised a site is it will still generate some residual emissions.

We offer our clients the option to sponsor high-quality, near-term, verified and trackable carbon removal projects.

Let’s dig into some of those important words:

  • Removal: Our objective is to help clients support projects that will have an impact in the near term, not to sponsor something that may or may not have a carbon impact in a decade or so. Read this article to understand more about how we differentiate removals from offsets.
  • High-quality: We choose carbon sequestration projects that are backed and proven by science to be effective.
  • Near-term: We’re trying to facilitate the removal of carbon from our atmosphere now, not in a vague distant future. As such we choose projects that will remove CO2e within the next three years or less.
  • Verified: The projects we choose are independently audited and/or verified.
  • Trackable: These projects can take some time to deliver the results, and it is important that clients know when the carbon has been removed from the atmosphere to avoid accidental greenwashing. We provide digital certificates that help clients track the progress of their removals.

The specific projects we support can be found here.

How this works for clients

Digital Carbon Online keeps track of the amount of carbon a client’s website has generated, along with how much they’ve sponsored for removal.

When the difference between the two exceeds a certain threshold, Digital Carbon Online notifies the client and provides the option to sponsor the carbon removal projects mentioned above.

This is entirely optional.

Get in touch with us to find out more.