B Corp Month Special Offer

A special offer designed to help B Corporations become even more responsible businesses.

Celebrating Better Business

Our Special Offer to Support Responsible Businesses

In case you didn’t know, March is B Corp Month.

It is the time of year where B Corporation companies come together to promote the essence of being a B Corp – the continual journey to becoming a better business.

The month-long campaign typically involves numerous events, activities and initiatives, all aimed at both celebrating and raising awareness about the B Corp movement.

Becoming a B Corp is an arduous process, which starts with altering the company’s articles of association (the legal foundations of a company) to enforce and legitimise responsible decision making throughout the company.

Reaching the certification process can be both difficult and take quite a bit time, but it doesn’t stop there. Once certified, B Corps need to show continuous improvement to demonstrate their commitment to the cause.

With that in mind, we wanted to give something to B Corps to help them up their game in 2024 and beyond.

Enhancing B Corp Reassessment

The B Corp assessment (and reassessment) process is underpinned by integrity and transparency.

Integrity: As a B Corp good intentions are not enough. These companies need to deliver on their promises and act responsibly regardless of whether they are currently being assessed and regardless of role in the organisation.

Transparency: B Corps are required to publish annual impact reports between the two-year reassessments. These reports showcase their progress, achievements and impacts to all stakeholders, maintaining accountability and transparency.

With this in mind, any new initiative undertaken by B Corps to improve their responsible business practices needs to, at a minimum, meet three criteria:

  1. Impact
  2. Integrity
  3. Transparency

These are values we strongly align with at Digital Carbon Online.

Digital Carbon Online is designed to help businesses understand the carbon footprints of their websites in ways previously not possible.

From an impact point of view, our goal is to provide data that informs business decision making and leads to reduced website carbon footprints.

Our solution entire publicly viewable websites, measuring and reporting on all web pages – not just pages that have been chosen for measuring.

On top of that the Digital Carbon Verified badge and our public dashboard capability make it easier than ever for B Corps to transparently demonstrate their website carbon impact with integrity.

The B Corp Month Special Offer

So now you understand why Digital Carbon Online is an obvious and necessary next step for a B Corp, let’s introduce you to our special offer for B Corp Month 2024.

We’re offering what’s known as a “life time deal” (aka LTD), giving B Corps life time access to the measurement, tracking and reporting capabilities for a single, once off, heavily discounted price.

We have a limited number of life time deals available for B Corp Month 2024, so if this is of interest to you then click the button below to find out more today.