b corp month special offer life time deal

Special Offer for B Corporations

March is B Corp Month, a time for B Corporations to celebrate and raise awareness of their commitment to being responsible businesses. Digital Carbon Online aligns with B Corp values—impact, integrity, and transparency. To support B Corps, they're offering a special "life time deal" for 2024 to aid in reducing their website carbon footprint, demonstrating their dedication with the Digital Carbon Verified badge and public dashboard capabilities. This offer is to help B Corps enhance responsible practices.
Green design decisions when making a low carbon website service

Building tech with carbon footprints in mind

In the quest for business sustainability, leaders should consider the carbon footprint of their websites in addition to physical operations. Though websites aren't the main contributors to overall emissions, reducing their carbon footprint can optimise the user experience, enhance brand reputation, and attract eco-conscious customers. Measurement and reduction efforts require comprehensive data collection, analyses, and monitoring, which can be facilitated by resources like Digital Carbon Online.