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digital sustainability webinar tips tricks and carbon footprints

Join the next Digital Sustainability Workshop

Learn more about digital sustainability – the positive impacts as well as some of the unexpected pitfalls. Discover examples of tech doing good and learn about some of the negative impacts. Places are limited to 5 per session to make sure you can get answers to your questions. Sign up today.

eco-anxiety and digital carbon footprints, webinar clip

Eco-anxiety and Digital Sustainability

Scott joined our partners Hiyield to discuss digital sustainability. During the conversation they talked about eco anxiety and how small actions like tackling website carbon footprints can help address that important topic. Watch the full webinar below.

digital sustainability webinar tips tricks and carbon footprints

Digital Sustainability Webinar Playback

Discover more about digital sustainability and the role technology can play in delivering better futures. Learn about the positives and negatives, and what you can do to address your digital carbon footprints.

what is the carbon footprint of the web
Digital carbon is the hens teeth of scope 3 - easy scope 3 quick wins

Award winning innovation

Award winning innovation Digital Carbon Online is a 2024 winner of the Innovation and Excellence award Read More Innovation in website carbon footprinting We don’t do what we do for the praise or recognition, but once in a while it is reassuring to know that others see the effort we put into creating something out…

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Built in carbon dioxide removal portfolio (CDRs)

Sponsoring Carbon Removals

Digital Carbon Online offers clients the option to sponsor verified, near-term carbon dioxide removal (CDR) projects to offset emissions from their websites. These high-quality projects are backed by science, trackable, and aim for immediate impact within three years.

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digital sustainability webinar

Digital Sustainability Webinar

Digital, Sustainability. Do these words belong together? Watch our panel discussion to learn about digital sustainability, as well as both the positive and negative side effects of technologies in our sustainability goals. Read More Digital Sustainability what is it? Panel discuss the pros and cons of digital technologies in achieving our sustainability goals. Webinar Panelists…

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digital carbon footprints and ctos

How important is sustainability to the CTO?

A study by Intel reveals CTOs are viewed as key drivers of sustainability by business leaders. With 84% of CEOs and CSOs expecting CTOs to lead, the field of technology is crucial yet challenging for NetZero strategies. Digital sustainability is also essential for innovation and attracting talent, but knowledge gaps remain an obstacle.

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