How it Works

Sign up

Sign up for your account and obtain your authorisation key.

During this process you will get to decide the level of carbon removal you want to sponsor.

Include code snippets

Embed the measurement code snippet in the footer of your webpages.

Let the magic begin

Once your configuration is confirmed, each page visit will be recorded in the secure Digital Carbon Online database. The process of determining the specific carbon emissions for each page can take a while to work through into your dashboards.

We work with our partner,, to calculate the carbon emissions of each of the pages visited on your website.

Visit your dashboard

Depending on your website traffic, your dashboard should begin to populate within 7-10 days. These calculations are updated two to three times a month.

At this point we recommend embedding the Digital Carbon Online Badge code snippet into you website so visitors can see your efforts to measure, reduce and remove your website’s carbon footprint.

Code Snippet Example

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://domain/wti.webco2.1.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">

Dashboard Example

website digital carbon dashboard 1 Medium

Frequently Asked Questions

What data is captured?

The only information sent to the Digital Carbon Online server are the URLs of visited web pages.

The server keeps a tally of how many times each unique URL is visited.

How is data captured?

Once the code snippet is installed, a small piece of javascript (1KB) will run in the browser. This script passes the current page URL to the Digital Carbon Online server over a secure HTTPS connection.


Data security is paramount.

By default, any parameters that appear in the web page URL are discarded before the URL is sent to the server. This ensures no sensitive data is included in the process.

Information is sent to the Digital Carbon Online server using industry standard secure HTTPS connections.

To ensure privacy and protection of private data, only publicly accessible pages are analysed. The carbon emissions of pages are determined using from our partner, Wholegrain Digital. Information is sent to the API using secure HTTPS connections.

Access to our databases is controlled by strong password encryption.

Clients have access to bespoke dashboards to explore and download their data. Access to these dashboards is via WordPress and protected by named accounts and industry standard strong password requirements.

WordPress is protected using firewall security from industry leader, Sucuri.

More details about our security practices are available on request.