Our dilemma

We can’t stand the nefarious modern marketing practice, but do we have a choice?

The internet is something extraordinary. However it has a lot to answer for.

One such thing is what’s happened to our attention spans and how that’s led to the modern way of marketing.

If you Google (or ask your favourite AI assistant) how to grow a digital product business, you’ll find the same answers everywhere.

These answers involve harvesting data, tracking people, pushing your brand in front of people in unexpected places, bombarding them with emails and social messages, paying people to pretend to like your product in front of their followers, and delivering pre-recorded webinars designed to trick people into thinking they are live.

We don’t like these practices for several reasons, including the creepy privacy reasons but also the carbon impact of the data and inter-communications of these platforms.

Clearly, we want to grow Digital Carbon Online, but we want to do it ethically, without these techniques that we quite frankly think are repugnant.

But do we have the luxury of choice? Are these techniques the only way to grow a digital product business in our modern world?

Our choice

We’re certainly hoping there’s a choice, because we’ve already made it. The question is will that choice come back to haunt us?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

There is, though, a role you can play in this exciting little experiment, read on…

Our approach is to build reputation through relationships and delivery.

We believe that if we build a product that is simple to use and delivers what the customer needs then they will not just use it, they’ll love it and want to tell everyone about it.

In action

We’ve been taking this approach from day one, and while it might take longer to reach the growth rates you might easily achieve with alternate methods, we’re happier and we believe our clients are too.

But don’t just take our word for it, why don’t you take a moment to see it in action in this LinkedIn Post.

Will this strategy work?

It’s going to take a while longer to see if we can scale the business viably like this. If we can’t we might need to resort to “digital marketing best practices”, but I really hope not.

How can you help?

For this to work, we need to find supporters and advocates.

If you share our opinion on the state of marketing, please let us know directly, by messaging us via our LinkedIn page here or by sharing this page on social media and tagging us.

Of course, if you agree with our opinion and also want to deal with your website’s carbon footprint, then the best way to help is to become a client. The first step for that is to book a demo or watch this short intro video from our founder, Scott.

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