The “hens teeth” of Scope 3

Scope 3 is hard. Very hard.

But here’s an easy Scope 3 quick win.

Easy, Scope 3 quick wins

are as rare as unicorn poop hens teeth!

Most companies are currently talking about their NetZero plans in terms of their Scope 1 & 2 emissions alone.

Scope 1 & 2 are typically only a tiny fraction of an organisation’s total GHG footprint, but the remaining Scope 3 is much, much harder to determine.

Scope 3 consists of 15 categories that cover everything from the products and services an organisations purchases, to the investments they make, the waste produced and even how products are used by their customers.

As such, easy Scope 3 quick wins are as rare as hens teeth.

Digital Carbon Online offers a Scope 3 Quick Win

For a majority of companies, their websites are run in data centres, managed by hosting providers. This makes them a Scope 3 Category 1 (Purchased Products and Services) expenditure.

Not only this, websites are used by customers, meaning they also fall, to some extent, within the Use of Sold Goods Category.

Digital Carbon Online enables companies to track and report on the carbon emissions of their websites, as used by their visitors and customers.

Which provides independent data that can be submitted as part of a Scope 3 declaration.

digital carbon online an award winning website carbon calculator

Digital Carbon Online is an award winning technology. Find out more here.

Automatically doing the hard work

Digital Carbon Online is easy to install, and once set up will automatically assess the carbon footprint of each and every page visited on your website. It keeps a tally of which pages are visited and provides 30-day, 3-month and 12-month reports.

These reports provide information on the carbon footprint of each page, as well as the cumulative footprint of each page, and the entire site over time.

All you have to do is download the tables or copy the charts to include in your reporting.

Following nascent standards & best practice

There is currently no single right or wrong way to assess the digital carbon footprints of websites. But there are coordinated efforts to create standards and accepted frameworks.

Digital Carbon Online adopts the approach defined by the members of the Green Web Foundation who are driving this effort, leveraging the Sustainable Web Design Methodology.

We regularly review the recommendations of the Green Web Foundation and adapt our methodology accordingly. As such, you can rest assured that Digital Carbon Online delivers data that follows industry best practices.

Dual model assessment

In the world of sustainability and carbon footprinting, every data point comes with error, uncertainty or ambiguity and as such we thought it was misleading to present just a single number for a website carbon footprint.

With this in mind, Digital Carbon Online incorporates two assessment models, both following the Sustainable Web Design Methodology, that provide our users with a range for their website carbon footprints, rather than single (potentially misleading) value.

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