Award winning innovation

Digital Carbon Online is a 2024 winner of the Innovation and Excellence award

Innovation in website carbon footprinting

We don’t do what we do for the praise or recognition, but once in a while it is reassuring to know that others see the effort we put into creating something out of the ordinary.

With that, we’re delighted to be 2024 winners of the Innovation and Excellence award from Corporate Live Wire.

What made us stand out?

The whole digital carbon footprint topic is a new concept for most people, so this will have been one of the factors that caught the judge’s attention.

digital carbon online an award winning website carbon calculator

Beyond that, our approach to automatically assess, track and report the carbon emissions of entire websites over time is another much needed, hard to find capability.

However, there are a few things we do that will have really stood out. Here are three of them:


Digital Carbon Online was built with low-impact in mind. From the data we store (or not) to the way we process data, we’ve tried to build our systems in a way that minimise our impact, as to not be part of the problem.

A big element of this is how we can process our data asynchronously, allowing us to time our work loads to coincide with when the UK’s National Grid carbon intensity is low.

Check out this article if you want to learn more about the discussion we made when designing the platform.

Dual model assessment

In the world of carbon footprinting and sustainability there is no such thing as ‘fact’.

Every data point comes with error, uncertainty or ambiguity and as such we thought it was misleading to present just a single number for a website carbon footprint.

Digital Carbon Online incorporates two assessment models, both following the Sustainable Web Design Methodology, that provide our users with a range, rather than single data point for their website’s carbon footprint.

Automated Carbon Removals

The only zero-carbon website is one that doesn’t exist – but that’s no good for anyone.

Digital Carbon Online’s primary goal is to help organisations become more aware of their website carbon footprint and direct them towards areas that could benefit from optimisation to reduce their site’s total footprint.

Yet even when the website has been fully optimised, it will still have a residual CO2e footprint.

So with that need, we built in automated carbon removal giving users the option to sponsor high-quality, near-term verified and trackable carbon removal projects. You can find out more in this article.

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