Leading Digital Carbon Action

Digital Carbon Online is a service designed to help business leaders understand and reduce the environmental impact of their websites.

Developed by Scott Stonham, a leading figure in digital carbon footprint awareness, the services offered are designed to be easy to implement and measurably impactful.

Digital Carbon Online is part of a portfolio of services provided by ssps.co, including sister site, Well, That’s Interesting Tech!.

Calculations of website page emissions is conducted in partnership with WebsiteCarbon.com.

Founded by Scott Stonham

Scott is an award winning innovator, author, and public speaker focused on the role of technology in sustainability.

For A More Sustainable Digital Future

Our mission is to empower individuals and organisations with knowledge about the broader impacts of digital technologies.

Through innovation and communication we aim to promote informed action, help avoid future regrets and cultivate positive impacts for people, nature, and the planet.

Digital Carbon Online serves as part of our quest, enabling informed decision-making and fostering collective action towards a more sustainable, lower-carbon digital future. 

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The story so far

Our founder has been on the quest to discover the role of technology in a more sustainable future since 2017.

Digital Carbon Online became part of this journey in the Summer 2022.

Through partnerships with sustainable web agencies, Digital Carbon Online is growing rapidly in 2024, helping raise awareness of the environmental impact of digital technologies.

July, 2019

Well That’s Interesting Tech! launched exploring how technologies are being used to make our world a better place for all.

May, 2020

The first article appears exploring the sustainability and impact of data in the cloud.

Nov, 2021

Scott interviewed Tom Greenwood about Wholegrain Digital’s quest to become a sustainable digital agency and their journey to BCorp.

May, 2021

Scott is a judge for the mobile communication’s prestigious GLOMO awards in categories focused on mobile innovations in the field of UN SDGs and Climate change.

May, 2021

Speaking at the Global Sustainable Development summit about the opportunities and risk of technology in achieving the UN SDGs.

June, 2022

Jisc publishes a report written by Scott on “Exploring Digital Carbon Footprints”.

June, 2022

Presenting to IT leaders in the UK’s Higher and Further Education institutions about Digital Carbon Footprints

Aug, 2022

Began work on early Digital Carbon Online prototypes, named “WebCO2”

Sept, 2022

Contributed several articles and an interview to the Open University’s Digital Transformation OpenLearn course on the topic of digital carbon footprints

Oct, 2022

Delivering a keynote at the Birmingham ICC on Sustainability and Digital Carbon Footprints.

Nov, 2022

Keynote presentation to the UK Research Libraries membership on digital carbon footprints

Dec, 2022

DigitalCarbon.Online website launches

Feb, 2023

First Minimal Viable Product (MVP) version of Digital Carbon Online presented to a client.

Feb, 2023

First “Carbon Constrained Interview” went live.

March, 2023

Digital Carbon Online’s first sustainable web design agency partnership announced.

June, 2023

Digital Carbon Online recognised as an important innovation by Corporate Live Wire

Oct, 2023

Digital Carbon Online rebrand.

Oct, 2023

Report published comparing the digital carbon footprints of different industries.

Oct, 2023

Digital Carbon Online implements time-shifting to reduce its carbon footprint further.

Dec, 2023

Several more sustainable web and design agencies join the mission becoming Digital Carbon Online partners.

Early 2024

Scott supports several webinars to talk about digital carbon footprints.

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