Digital Carbon Online, Reducing Website Footprints

Every web page has a carbon footprint. Digital Carbon Online helps companies understand and reduce the footprint of their websites.

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Live Dashboard Report

The charts below illustrate the approximate amount of Carbon Dioxide equivalent (CO2e) generated by visitors to

The charts show both the amount of CO2e generated, and how much has sponsored for removal in partnership with Digital Carbon Online.

Understanding the charts

Generated Monthly carbon emissions (kgs).

Digital Carbon Online logs every visit to Carbon emissions for each page are determined using

RemovedMonthly sponsored carbon removals (kgs).

Digital Carbon Online provides the option for websites to sponsor carbon removals via reputable and verified projets.

PagesRelative number of pages tested.

The total amount of CO2e generated is influenced by the number of pages that were visited each month. This line shows how page visits have changed over time.

Website Carbon Dioxide Generation & Removal

Monthly performance for:

Distribution of Individual Page Carbon Footprint Over Time

Webpage Carbon Footprint Distribution

This chart shows the variation in distribution of the carbon impact of pages across

Worst Pages 95th Percentile.

The Worst pages line represents the pages with the highest individual carbon footprints, during the testing period. Five percent of pages were responsible for carbon emissions equal to or above this value, per page.

Median 50th Percentile.

The Median pages line represents the average amount of carbon emissions by pages on the website during the testing.

Best Pages 5th Percentile.

The Best pages line represents the pages with the lowest carbon emissions per page. Five percent of all pages tested had carbon footprints equal to or less than this line.

As goes about improving the carbon footprint of their website, we would like to see all lines trending downward.

Cumulative Impact

Since partnering with Digital Carbon Online, has generated 13 kgs in CO2e emissions, while sponsoring the removal of 12 kgs.